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Hi everyone,

I have homelab setup with esxi 6.7 and i have some questions regarding cloud storage server. I have 5 disks inside my computer: ( i have esxi directly installed as hypervisor )

– NVME for production

– SSD 1 1TB for testing

– SSD 2 250GB for backup

2x HDD 1TB WD Blue 7200

Now, my next “mission” is to create some kind of storage cloud server which i will have for personal pictures storage, which will be on 2x 1 TB HDD with raid 1 setup. I know that i dont have hardware raid card, but my question is if there are any other ways to create some kind of disk mirror replication so i will have “raid 1” for my pictures storage, or there is way to create some kind of software linux raid with sata passthrough or perhapse with two datastores.

Any help will be appreciated.

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  1. You can add the 1TB drives as datastores, create disks on them, and then use linux software mirroring to raid 1 them

    You might be able to pass through the disks to the linux vm and then again use software mirroring to raid 1 them. More effort, not sure you’re really going to gain anything by doing this.

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