Esxi failing after a few days

This is going to be pretty vague, my apologies. I will try to describe whats happening and what I have done for fault finding.

The hardware is a Cisco C170 (Ironport). I have 32 gig ram, 500g of hdd space.

Esxi has been freezing lately. One of the vms is for pihole. I have put its address (pihole) in the router so all traffic can go through it, and only it. I say this because originally I thought I had created a dns loop and that was crashing things.

I can still ping the esxi address and the gui will allow me to get to the user/pass page, then it just stops on the “loading” screen (user and pass inaccessible. Also, I can ping the vms, including a debian 10 install, however I cant ssh into them – eventually times out.

In the esxi setup I had dns as []( for its gateway and dns, with a second dns entry of []( – which led me to the “is it a dns loop” issue.

After this happening a few times I reset the dns entry in the router to “get automatically from provider” and I thought that may have solved it.

Today it did it again, same symptoms as above. That to me rules out a dns loop. I’m pretty sure its not a hardware issue, I’ve done the usual reseat ram etc, and its been running without a hitch for months.

I didnt have the pihole dns in the router settings as one part of fault finding, but it still frozen which is leading me to think there could still be a dns loop somewhere, but like I say its been running for months this way, I only implemented pihole for all traffic (putting its address in the router) about a week ago and thats where the issues started. You might think this is the problem, but for the last few days it has still frozen

Putting the pihole dns address in the router also worked for months but only this week has it started playing up.

I went through the other vms but their dns settings also point to

There is heaps of ram left over, heaps of hdd space, so its not filling up and crashing for that reason.

Like I say, everything is pointing to a dns loop but I cant figure out where it might be. Sorry again for the vagueness, I’m pretty low on knowledge of esxi.

Is there anything else I should look at?

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