ESXi Free management solution?

I’m creating a homelab with ESXi Free. Are there any free alternatives that allow me a downloadable program for VM management? I read online there’s a button to download it in the web client, but couldn’t find it. I also read something about a free plugin you could get but also couldn’t find any info on it.

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  1. Assuming multiple ESXi hosts, before you license your hosts, run them unlicensed, with their full capabilities, during the ESXi evaluation period (60 days). You can deploy and run a vCenter Server that way as well. Experiment with where you want your individual VMs, moving them around at will.

    Look at RVTools ( [https://www.robware.net/rvtools/](https://www.robware.net/rvtools/) ) for some management and reporting.

    Veeam offers a free version of Veeam One, I believe, for management. Normal VMware backup tools won’t work once you license your free ESXi hosts, as that turns off Changed Block Tracking, which most backup software requires for VM backups.

    (Synology offers Active Backup for Business which can back up VMs from ESXi Free hosts.)

    Check out StarWind as well, for free tools.

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