ESXi Hardware Acceleration

I am using a HPE DL380p and ever sense I got it, the vms have been laggy and this is due to using software rendering. I read that you are able to use supported quadro cards to hardware accelerate multiple vms. I would just like to confirm that I am able to do this, and what GPU I could use, it doesn’t need to be anything special just needs to make my vms run smoother. Thank You!

2x Xeon E5-2630
48 GB DDR3 @ 1333mhz

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  1. If you go with an Nvidia card it would need to be something like a Quadro or Tesla- their consumer cards (i.e. GTX/RTX/etc) will not work at all.

    AMD cards can be passed through to VMs, but from what I’ve heard it’s not quite a plug-and-play process with all of their cards.

  2. Have you run esxitop to check your performance at the host level?
    – this should indicate if you are having performance issues with memory or cpu

    Does the problem transfer with the vm or isolated to host?
    – this could help identify a host level issue.

    Does it get better if you idle, or isolate a vm on the host to free up resources?
    – this should help you know if you are over
    burdening your host

    Are you over allocating vcpu?
    – if you over allocate vcpu to vms you can generate performance bottlenecks due to cpu contentions

    Which version are you one?
    – there are a few with Spector/ Meltdown patches that affected performance

    Is hyperthreading enabled?
    – affects performance

  3. I use DL380s and don’t have laggy vms. Care to explain why this seems to be an issue with your setup? Could it be because I utilize way more
    Memory on our setup?

    Just curious..

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