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I’m starting to build my home lab so I can learn ESXi better, I’ve used Workstation for a few years, but nothing fancy with the network side. Anyway I’ve got one of those Intel NUCs arriving and also an additional network device that gives me 2 extra ports of USB-C (fast Thunderbolt). I have a couple of scenarios and wondered how I would set these up?


**In ESXi (free) – Scenario 1**

Get these 2 VMs on their own subnets talking to each other within ESXi

VM1 – On [](

VM2 – On [](


**More complicated – Scenario 2**

The bigger picture is to get my home physical LAN on []( connected to these 2 ‘internal’ VLANs.

VM1 – On [](

VM2 – On [](

VM3 – On []( (create VMs on my home LAN subnet and connect to the other VMs and home LAN).

My NUC will connect to my home switch which does VLANs and I have a router that can do Layer 3.

Could someone quickly explain how I could achieve the first scenario and second.


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  1. So for 1

    You’d have vlan 10 and vlan 20 and then the router would act as the g/w for each vlan allowing them to talk to each other

    Port groups on esxi should then vlan tag and the vms sit in their respective port group

    You’d have a router VM that would have uplinks into both port groups and would be the gw for both subnets allowing VM traffic through

    So the router VM would probably be .1 or .254 in each subnet

  2. Easiest way to handle it would be to just setup an interface on your existing L3 device, and have that route everything. You can certainly setup a router VM, but unless you’re looking at OSPF and BGP then you have route propogation to handle if you want everything to be able to talk to each other.

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