ESXi Host Boot Device Recommendations Beyond Thumb Drive

I am setting up an HPE ProLiantMicroServer Gen10 Plus box as an ESXi 7 host in my home lab.

In the past I have used USB flash devices as boot drives and want to move away from that alternative.

My other hosts will use SATA DOMs for booting but the new box doesn’t have a SATADOM header nor does it have an M.2 slot. There are 4 drive bays so I could certainly devote a bay to the boot device and there’s also a PCIe Gen 3 low-profile slot (PCIe x 16).

It strikes me that even 64gb is more than sufficient for the boot device so most devices out there today will end up having lots of unused capacity if devoted to this use.

What’s the preferred approach these days?



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  1. Why do you want to move away from using the USB thumb drive? I’ve used them in two (possibly three) previous models and never had any issues. I’ve just got a Gen10+ and have set up the ESXi 7 USB stick and all’s well so far. Not yet got around to deciding how to set the rest up yet though, so will see what this post brings up!

  2. Yes. New to 7. I can disable the warnings but it seems that they are moving in the direction of more things that expect persistent storage for host admin purposes. I’ve used thumb drives for years but the road ahead seems away from them and SD cards for this purpose.

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