ESXi: How easy is it to pass through Disks to a VM for NAS or does ESXi have a decent system for managing Storage Type Disks?

So I am planning on running a Server with all the goodies mostly things like Plex, Blue Iris, etc..

So I wanted to install the VM’s / Core stuff of course on my SSD and then I wanted to give permissions to use say Folders on my 2x 10TB disks for storage, backups, etc.

I don’t want to VM partition the drives or anything like that. As in if my system were to die or crash I could easily take the disks out and throw them into another PC and grab my standard files and such.

I looked into Proxmox but was not a fan of all the command line and ZFS stuff.

I also considered a NAS like VM but I’m not sure if I can say pass over the entire Disk Drive to the VM so it acts like it owns it and treats it correctly.

I’m a bit of a newbie but either way wanted to know if ESXi would solve this and make my life easier.

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  1. So, couple of ways to approach this.

    1) boot& install the esxi host from a USB drive. This leaves the internal drives free for VM storage.

    2) boot the esxi host from any disk and mount an NFS volume from a NAS using that for VM disks.

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