ESXi hypervisor which run on top of Ubuntu / qemu / kvm / vfio configuration can’t find the storage where to install Windows 10.


I’m trying to run the ESXi hypervisor on top of my ubuntu / qemu / kvm / vfio configuration that I already use for windows 10 guest because I want to try to pass my graphic card. I did only some modifications,for example for windows 10 I use the physical disk,instead for the ESXi hypervisor I use a qcow2 virtual disk. The rest is the same,I have reserved the same devices,for example my nvidia geforce rtx 2080 ti,mouse,keyboard. Now I’m trying to install my first vm (again windows 10 x64 bit) with this configuration and I’ve reached the point where it says that it can’t find the storage and I can’t add a new storage. I don’t know why. Check the images below and give me some suggestions,please. thanks.


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