ESXi which USB 3.0 Chipset work? / Get the Fresco Logic FL1100 not Crash?

I puttet this USB 3.0 Card into an old IBM Server and puttet them into and see if an USB Dongle will recognised.

Since the old IBM Server and ESXi saw then I put them into my refurbished HP(e) Server.
Everything worked include to put the Card into the Mode who I can get connect to an Virtual Machine.
So I installed an Win7 and tried to use the Driver from Windows Update -> the ESXi Crashed.
Some Days later I tried to use the Driver from the Fresco Logic Website. On the first Restart the ESXi Crashed agmain.

When the Card run natively I can put USB Drives to the Virtual System.

So is there a way to get the Card run without crash the ESXi?

If not is there a Card who require no additional Power (since my Server havent any internal Power Ports) and will work?

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