EVC-mode required?


We have an VSAN cluster running Intel Xeon Platinum 8168 and we need more memory. We want to recommission some other hosts to accommodate this, these are running the Intel Xeon Gold 5120 – will we need EVC mode activated in this scenario?

I know EVC is used to mask features between CPU generation, both of these CPUs are Skylake so it should not be a problem – but I know there are feature differences between Gold and Platinum CPUs.

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  1. If you do not turn this on, you cannot vmotion between the hosts with different CPUs. Same generation but different features. VM cannot make that switch live at runtime, therefor they must be masked in the first place for this to work.

    Consider that turning on evc from disabled will require to power off all vms that are currently running.

  2. Are instruction sets different between like-generation gold and platinum? I thought it was only things like core counts, frequencies, different supported memory capacities/frequencies, RAS, and UPI links, etc.

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