EVC option is missing from configure

I’m currently running VCSA 6.7 but with 6.5 hosts that fall within the compatibility matrix. The 6.5 hosts can’t go to a newer version but I have new hosts that I am about to replace the existing ones with.

When trying to migrate a VM I am getting an error about EVC compatibility. When I go to VM configuration I have no option on the side menu for EVC at all. This is with a powered off VM.

I had added one of the new hosts to the group but ended up removing it.

The hardware for the 6.5 hosts is HPE BL460c Gen8 which shouldn’t give me any issues.

Any ideas what to do here?

Edit: I can move a VM from blade center 1 to blade center 2, but I can’t go the opposite direction even though they are all identical hardware.

There is no clustering.

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  1. If there’s no clustering then there’s no EVC. EVC is a function of the cluster. At a guess: one of your bladecenters are patched with the Spectre/Meltdown fixes, and the others aren’t. These expose new CPU instruction sets to the VMs, in a similar way to a new generation of CPUs does.

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