Experience with load balance algorithm Route based on IP-hash on ESX / VCF



We are in the process of building a new large VCF deployment for a client.

Their network team have asked us to use the load-balance algorithm ‘Route-based-on-IP-hash’ on the DVS.

I know the differences based on the vSphere documentation but i’m lacking the experience of a real world deployment using that algorithm.


My particular area’s of interest are how do you cope with situations *before* you can math the algorithm on both the dvs and the physical switch.

For example during a VCF deployment the initial ESXes are deployed through VIA with a standard vswitch and ‘Route Based on Originating Virtual Port’

After that the CloudBuilder deploys a vcenter/dvs with teaming setting to ‘Route Based on Physical NIC Load’


I’ve seem from testing in my lab that this can cause serious issues, described in the fifth paragraph here:



Is ‘Route based on IP-hash’ even officially supported with VCF?


Does anyone have experience with this algorithm they like to share?


Much appriciated!

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  1. Hi,

    Assuming you are deploying VCF 4.x, “Route based on IP-hash” is currently not supported on VCF.

    From the VCF/VVD documentation, see the following design decisions:

    * [SDDC-MGMT-VI-NET-008 & 009](https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Validated-Design/6.0/sddc-architecture-and-design-for-the-management-domain/GUID-70F077BF-7AF7-4F49-99E1-4A50367D39C3.html) for the Management Workload Domain and
    * [SDDC-WLD-VI-NET-007 & 008](https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Validated-Design/6.0/sddc-architecture-and-design-for-a-virtal-infrastructure-workload-domain/GUID-BA420021-D56A-412D-B041-C617B838504B.html) for the VI Workload Domain

    These are stating that the “Route based on physical NIC load teaming” will be used.

    Be aware that VCF uses a prescriptive design based on VVD. Most design decisions are fixed. If you have questions or you want to deviate from a design decision, you can always create a SR ticket with GSS.

  2. Not with vCF, but in general. It is a pretty solid setup if your networking people are good.

    I did a pretty thorough search and didn’t find any gotchas with it for vCF, so you should be ok. Just make sure they support it both as a single NIC and load balanced with IP hash so you don’t lose all links when an uplink dies.

    And whatever you do, avoid LAGs. Not supported on IP hash at all, and are generally a regular pita.

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