Exporting VM to OVA possible without vCenter?



Apologies if this is the wrong forum, I tried looking for a newbie vmware forum.


Normally at work I can build a perfect VM and then in vCenter convert it to a template. I’m now setting up my home ESXi environment and have only one host at the moment, soon I will get a second host and vMug for vCenter.

Anyway I have built a Centos VM and Win 2016 VM and I want to create a template from them to build more. I don’t think the Web GUI can do this and after looking through google it seems there is a OVFtool I can use?

I think it can only export as OVF then I can convert to OVA, any syntax would be great.

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  1. You can use ovftool to convert between them. It’s very simple. If you type ovftool and run it – it gives you an idea. But, basically it’s: (change directory to where the ovf is) and then ovftool input.ovf output.ova


    It can be picky about paths sometimes for input and output depending on version. Just give it the required and desired paths.

  2. You can run vCenter for its 60-day evaluation period and have full functionality. You just need to register as a business to download.

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