External PSC locking a user AD account

So out storage admin accidentally used his AD account to install a plugin (Pure Storage) into our vmware environment a few weeks back. His password was changed the other day and now the PCS is causing bad auth attempts and locking his account. We’ve attempted to remove the plugin, which didn’t stop the lockouts, even re-installed the plugin making sure to use proper service accounts, still no change.

The PSC in question is external and in enhances link mode (Done before I got here, planning on resolving this in the future). We are on ESXi & Vcenter 6.7. Any suggestions on how to clear his credentials out of the PSC? Was thinking about rebooting the PSC but not sure that would do the trick or not. Plugin is currently uninstalled. Would appreciate any suggestions that might help keep me from spending time with VMware support tonight as I already have another initiative I’m working on.

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  1. He probably has something else running against vCenter. No scheduled tasks for powercli scripts with his account? The PureStorage Webclient itself still pointed to the PSC?

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