Extracting Host Data from vSphere 6.5


my company uses vSphere 6.5 and I am supposed to extract certain data. First I thought it’s going to be easy with the RESTful API, only to learn it’s not (yet) implemented to the extend I would need. They plan to upgrade to 7.0 in future.

My boss always used [RV-Tools](https://www.robware.net/rvtools/) to extract the data but it has a great overhead on information not needed. Extracting these after the xls sheet was generated is a massive amount of manual labour. And the .exe delivered by RV-Tools to do this doesn’t work. [I asked for help](https://twitter.com/Schattennarr/status/1334432330304409602) but sadly I got no answer from the dev. We want to go away from RV-Tools in the long run and add more business logic to the resulting programm to automatise the invoice generation for our cloud services and to add the possibility of invoicing our customers per day their vm is running, instead of going per month.

So I dug deeper and found the vSphere Management SDK and Automation SDK and now I’m pretty confused about it. Would be the Management SDK sufficient enough to extract the needed data or do I have to use the Automation SDK and… seemingly add more to the REST API by hand?

[Here is a list of the needed information.](https://i.imgur.com/X8sCcM3.png) Green means I can get those from the REST API as by 6.5.

Thank you for your help!

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