Extremely high write latency on vsan

I have small lab system. Currently I experience extremely high vsan write latency. At the moment latency is over 1300 ms but I have seen higher readings. Latency get up even when one VM is copying to another, for example just now I’m recovering backup from nas system over 1 gbps network. I think vsan performance should be way higher than network performance, right?

Lab contains 6 HPE DL360e/p servers. Three of them have 5 hdd capacity disks and 1 ssd cache disk for vsan.

I have no idea where to look to fix this. Any clues or tips?

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  1. Check your network on the vSAN kernel NIC. MTU Mismatch, port buffers on the switch or other network congestion can cause this. All flash or hybrid? If it is all flash, so you have 10gb networking?

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