Extremely slow speeds uploading to Datastore!

Hello- I just freshly installed ESXi 6.7U3 on a HPE Gen 8 server. I have 8x 900GB SAS drives (10k).

Anytime I try to upload a iso (server 2019 standard) it will be an hour and it uploads 20% for a 4GB iso. I am on wireless as my desktop isn’t in a spot that can have wired. I might be able to fish out a laptop somewhere and see if hardwiring it to the gigabit switch will transfer the images quicker.

Has anyone experienced this? I even tried to do SCP to the server and copy via WinSCP, and manually at the hypervisor level, not vCenter to copy no luck.

drives are in a RAID 10 configuration.

UPDATE: plugged laptop in hardwired and copied a ISO quicker. TDLR don’t copy with wireless 🙂

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