Failed to configure SR-IOV for AMD Tonga XT GL [FirePro S7150]

First off, I’m new to GPU virtualization. Apologies.

Currently we have a FirePro S7150 x2 that we are using in Passthrough mode. This gives me 2 VMs. I was reading a bit about SR-IOV and wanted to test it out. In my ESXi web interface, it shows the device as capable. However, when I try to enable one of the heads I get a banner error that says

>Failed to configure SR-IOV for device Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Tonga XT GL [FirePro S7150]. Please see recent tasks for more details

If I go look at the recent task, I see the following:

>**Update Passthrough Config**
>Key: haTask-ha-host-vim.host.PciPassthruSystem.updatePassthruConfig-7098
>Description: Update PCI passthrough device configuration
>State: Failed – An error occurred during host configuration.

After this I started looking through logs. I first checked /var/log/vmkdevmgr.log as the description is “Device manager log” but it is empty. I checked all the other logs one by one but do not see anything relevant (to my knowledge).

I have passthrough disabled and I have NO VMs set up to use this device. What else can I look for?

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  1. might wanna also checkout r/vfio esxi is not that often used but pci-passtrough stuff with gpus is a common thing in this subreddit.


    Have you tried this while also setting acs override in the advanced esxi config? Maybe the PCI-Lanes aren’t so well working due to the bios or cpu. Ryzen 3000 with the latest BIOS has its problems 🙁

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