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Never had this problem with the prior version.  This has happened to me a number of times on workstation 15 running on Windows 10 1909.  A VM would go wrong and I need it to reboot.  I’d try to  either Power Off or Shut Down Guest.  It would fail and the workstation just hangs.  I’d use Task Manager to terminate the Workstation process and try to restart the VM again, but then it gives me this:


“Failed to get exclusive lock on the configuration file. Another VMWARE process might be running”


I’d try to delete all the .lck folders, cashes folder, but unable to delete the .vmem file no matter how I try.  The workstation won’t start.  The only way I can get it running again is by rebooting the host machine, which diminishes the purpose of running virtual machines.  If I have a number of machines running and if I have to reboot the host machine, then I have to shutdown all the other working & running VMs.


Anyhow, once I reboot the host machine, then I can delete the .lck folders, cache folder, & .vmem file.  Then I can start the VM again.


It gets really annoying and time consuming whenever one of the VMs is in trouble because the only working solution is to reboot the host machine.  Is there a way we can release a VMware Workstation VMX lock on files (.lck folders, cache folder, .vmem file)?  I’m looking for a way to be able to start the troubled VM without compromise other VMs and the host machine.

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