Failed to power on ‘VM’ – Error

Hi all,


I’ve recently installed VMWare Workstation 15: 15.5.0 build-14665864 and I’m unable to power on any VM’s that I’ve created. I’m using an evaluation license, 30 day free trial.


The error I receive is: “Failed to power on ‘D:Virtual MachinesVM-GNS3-01VM-GNS3-01.vmx’.”



I’ve trawled the web for hours trying many potential solutions but nothing has resolved the issue such as:


disabling Hyper-V via bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off

uninstalling Hyper-V via Programs & Features

disabled device guard virtualisation security via GPedit

disabled memory integrity within Windows security

removed BCD features:

bcdedit /create {0cb3b571-2f2e-4343-a879-d86a476d7215} /d “DebugTool” /application osloader

bcdedit /set {0cb3b571-2f2e-4343-a879-d86a476d7215} path “EFIMicrosoftBootSecConfig.efi”

bcdedit /set {bootmgr} bootsequence {0cb3b571-2f2e-4343-a879-d86a476d7215}

bcdedit /set {0cb3b571-2f2e-4343-a879-d86a476d7215} loadoptions DISABLE-LSA-ISO,DISABLE-VBS

disabled and re-enabled virtualisation support in BIOS.


My system: Intel i7-9750H, 16GB RAM, Windows 10 Pro 1903; build 18362.356


Attached is my VMware ui log file.


Any help is appreciated, and questions are more than welcome.

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