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Yes, I was using instant clone.


Since I could not get the IP pool function of vCenter server working, I set up an external DHCP server to allocate IP addresses to the VMs.


When I tried to provision the Windows desktop pool in Horizon Connection Server, I saw in vCenter server that the “master VM” of the pool was cloned to a VM, with name “cp-template-xxxxxx”. Afterward, the cloned VM was powered on.  I could connect to the “cp-template-xxxxxx” VM using VMware Remote Console, login and verify that the VM successfully obtained an IP address from the external DHCP server.  I saw that the “cp-template-xxxxxx” VM was restarted twice.  After that, the VM was up and running.  When the 600 second time limit was reached, the Connection Server powered off the VM and deleted it.  The Connection Server then display the error message, “… customization appears to not have succeeded. State = error”.


Does the “cp-template-xxxxxx” VM need to join the domain?


Is there any log which I can find out what the problem was?

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