Fanuc KFLOPPY on a VMWare DOS System

Hey Gang – I’m going to cross-post this on the Fanuc subreddit but it’s not exclusively a Fanuc question/problem:

I’ve got an LR-Mate 100i from 1994 that has finally given up mechanically, and isn’t worth repairing anymore. I’m replacing it with a used 100i that’s about 15 years newer.

Before I pull power to the old robot, likely rendering it scrap forever, I would like to back everything up, so we dusted off the copy of KFLOPPY we have, and I think I can actually make that work once I get it connected – but that’s where I run into trouble.

As I understand it, KFLOPPY only runs on DOS, so I downloaded a v6.22 DOS boot disk image from AllBootDisks to use with VMWare (which I currently use successfully for UR Robot Programming offline, and some other things.) Where I struggle is in setting up the DOS virtual machine, and getting that to work with the serial port to usb adapter I need to use on my laptop (Fanuc uses a 25 Pin to 9 Pin Null Modem cable to connect.)

Anyone running a DOS Emulator on VM Ware successfully? Able to run programs downloaded separately on the virtual machine? And have a good connection to a converter device plugged into a USB port on the host computer?

I did some searching on the VMWare forums looking for help, but didn’t find anything that was really applicable.

Thanks all!

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  1. The big issue with running older (>20 years) x86 Operating systems on a modern CPU is much of that older 8bit and even 16bit functions on the chips have been removed.

    With that said, what VMWare are you trying to do this in? ESX or Consumer? If you are on Workstation than you should have no problem passing through the RS232 port on a USB adapter to the VM since the host os sees it as a serial port. Now getting it to work in DOS is another task on it’s own. If you are on ESX, then that’s a whole other challenge.

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