Fastest way to determine if vmdk is in use? Vcenter Appliance 6.7

Hopefully a quick an easy question. Since upgrading to VCenter Appliance 6.7, I can’t find the alternative to the old “storage reports” that I used to use for the Web Client.

Ideally I would not want to use CLI because I’d like to delegate this task to individuals which I don’t want in the CLI. Yeah, I know, delegating tasks I don’t know how to do myself.

Anyway, if I have a VMDK in a folder on a datastore, I just want to find out which VMs are currently connected to it, whether they’re powered on or not. We’ve got some bloat going on in our lab environment and I’d like to clear out some space on the datastore but want to make sure those VMDKs are attached to a VM for a reason, or they’re just leftover.


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  1. I’m not sure I’m familiar with the “old storage reports” – can you elaborate on where you accessed these from, and on which version of vSphere? It’s not ringing any bells with me. As u/NatteVerf says, you could use RVTools to identify zombie VMs and orphaned VMDKs, you could also use PowerCLI, but I’m not aware of any function native to the vSphere Client (or the Web Client) that will show you this information.

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