File not Found error when trying to take a snapshot

Hello all,

Full disclosure, I have a case open with VMware on this, but I am curious if any of you have run into this before and may have some advice for me.

I noticed that Veeam backups were failing on a database server and found that the snapshot it takes during backup is what is failing. I then logged into vCenter to verify there wasn’t a stuck snapshot or anything easy to fix. Finding no snapshots, I attempted to take a new snapshot, but received the error “File not found”.

Nothing has changed recently so I am not sure what could have happened to cause the issue. The situation is that I am a bit nervous to turn the machine off as I found some posts with very similar errors that result in the machine not powering on. This would be no good for us as this is a DB server as I mentioned and it looks like it has been failing backups for a few weeks.

Anyone run into this before or have any advice?


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