Five of my favorite enhancements in vSphere 7

Five of my favorite enhancements in vSphere 7

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  1. I don’t use the kill function often, but when I do, this will be fantastic!

    And I can’t even begin to describe how much easier the firmware view will make my life.

  2. I like the layout of the new VM summary view but there is SO much wasted space among the whole UI in that mode, not just that bar on top. It seems all “modern” UIs waste so much space. I don’t like cluttered or not laid out well but I do like seeing everything major without having to scroll down.

    Even the current Web UI of vCenter wastes a lot of space compared to the current UI style used on ESXi hosts themselves for Web UI. Why do UI/UX designers all do this with their software now? That’s great, it now looks “slicker” and whiter in marketing shots but is less usable.

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