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The number of times and the amount of my attention I have had to dedicate to resolve COPY/PASTE issues between guest and host machines is out of control. I’m absolutely sick of attempting and failing to perform a drag/drop or copy/paste operation several times. Each and every time this happens, I force myself to take a huge gulp of air followed by a massive sigh. Why is this so hard to figure out how NOT to break this functionality? I’m sick of working around this issue by using a networked drive I have to map or a USB stick to connect/disconnect from the host to the guest.


Please, PLEASE, figure out what is going on here. This breaks so frequently. I have had to spend many many hours over the course of the last few years getting this functionality back, and I honestly don’t know what ultimately ends up resolving the issue as I am forced to try half a dozen things each time. A lot of the time when this occurs, I end up not troubleshooting it because I know what a time sink it ends up being and I simply cannot afford the time to resolve it AGAIN. This forces me to deal with the stupidity of the alternative workarounds, which, while functional, feel really stupid and make the process frustrating.


This isn’t new tech. This breaks frequently. I’m sick of dealing with the troubleshooting. Fix this permanently.

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