Forgive my ignorance, but 10gbe and 1gbe in the same vSwitch… how do I weight traffic?

Hey folks, I have three hosts in vCenter. Each host has one 10gbe physical NIC and two or four 1gbe NICs. Right now, every VM in the host is in the same vSwitch, and all physical adapters are in that vSwitch. The 10gbe connect to a Mikrotik 9xSFP+ switch via DACs, and the 1gbe ports are all connected to a 24x1gbe and 2SFP+ Microtik switch, with one DAC going between the two switches for uplink duties.

Everything seems to be working, but I’ve seen no increase in file transfer speeds from one host to the next. They each host a large RAID6 array of platter disks (8x4TB and 8x8TB) on Dell PERC H700 cards with 512mb cache with BBU, and write speeds are consistently 110mbps. That’s what they were before, and what they are since I added the 10gbe.

I’m assuming that there is some way to have both speed NICs in the same vSwitch and have traffic prefer the 10gbe – I want the 1gbe for failover in case the 10gbe dies.

How do I do that?

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