Front USB Ports Passthrough Help

I have 3 identical Dell desktops (home lab). They all have vSphere installed on a USB drive. When I first configured passthrough I enabled the ports that the USB drive was using which basically resulted in a read only install of vSphere. I think I had to reinstall at that point. Anyways, I bought a pci-e USB controller and enabled passthrough on that just fine. Now I need the pci-e slot that the USB controller is using (only two in the system, other is a dual NIC). I’m trying to figure out if I can pass though the front USB ports or if they all use the same internal controller.

The USB boot drive is vmhba32 but that doesn’t show up in the PCI devices list.

The top USB device says not configurable, the middle two are, and the bottom is the current PCI controller configured for passthrough.


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  1. I, Amusingly, also did this with my Optiplex cluster (passed through the controller the boot USB drive was. Took me a long while to figure out why settings would revert on reboot. Glad I’m not the only one! That said, I never did solve the problem…

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