FSLogix Fun (Not Really)

I was able to resolve a VHD corruption issue (for now) by updating a GPO I had for using a mandatory profile. The GPO was missing .v6 in the path and after adding that, I have not experienced the corruption problem.


[My bad GPO, Added .v6 to the end of the path.](https://preview.redd.it/o451isscmen31.png?width=632&format=png&auto=webp&s=cfdb583773eab2114540b00fa546c40335571610)

However that was only the beginning of my woes.

Although profile items like File Type Associations and Desktop shortcuts are being retained, other crucial items like the ability to open any Office products or perform a search fail.


– When launching Teams, it just hangs at the splash screen reading “Hang tight! We’re getting you connected”

– When typing in the search from the taskbar, no results are returned at all.

– If I launch Excel or Word, I am not prompted to sign in and if I click on sign in, the application becomes unresponsive.

I am still noticing that my test user has two profile, is this expected behavior?

If I’m logged in as the local profile, could this be why my Office applications aren’t launching?


[Two Profiles](https://preview.redd.it/dyj3xwbanen31.png?width=479&format=png&auto=webp&s=6a988668b3d9f82454ddcac9e67326a7397e8551)

I am also running UEM but I believe that I was able to rule out UEM as a factor by setting an explicit deny for my test user on the UEM GPO.

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  1. I was fighting with FSL for weeks and what I learned was, it wasn’t FSL it was me. Here’s what I rec’d. Start out with a new ou and single vm (no vdi) with a w10 iso fresh build fully patched, make a gpo for just the bare essential FSL policies you need, such as enable logs, search, vhdx location, enabled, and that’s it (no horizon agent for now). install your apps, test things, slowly incorporate gpo’s back in etc, etc. snapshot so you can rollback as you test if needed.

    PS – Forget using a local profile, you need a domain profile so the gpo’s will kick in. FSL is really very simple at it’s core, it all of us that make is complicated I’ve discovered.

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