Good thin client options

Hey folks,

Wondering if anybody can recommend good Thin Clients for running VMware View that are around $600 or less?

I’ve also noticed that mini pcs are a bit cheaper so does anybody use those as endpoints instead of thin clients and if you do how are they working for you?

Currently we are using 7 year old Dell thin clients in our environment but performance is starting to suffer with high cpu utilization. They also only have 4gb flash storage which makes updates a pain.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I’ve done a little bit of research on my own but looking for some post deployment feedback.

Thank you!

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  1. Stay away from Wyse Zero Clients or ANYTHING using Teradici/PCoIP.


    VMWare is going to phase PCoIP out and the Teradici stuff is PCoIP ONLY. They also went from a free model to a subscription model.


    I currently like the 10Zig clients. They seem to work well.

  2. check out clearcube C3xPI (rpi3’s, 4’s coming out soon). about $120, management software is a linux vm (stratodesk) and really awesome. ive been doing thin clients for 10 years, the only other one i really like is igel but they’re so expensive you might as buy a windows pc.

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