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Guest OS Stops seeing HOST VMNet8



HP ZBook 17” with USB-C Dock, Xeon CPU w/32g RAM 2.4TB Storage, Started with Windows Vista then 7 and now Windows 10.


Guest OS’s range from WIN-95 to WIN-7


Main use for Guests, Rockwell RSLogix, PanelView and Visual Studio Programming.

                The Network cards consist of 1 Bluetooth, 2 Hardwire NIC’s, 1 Wi-Fi, 1 VPN and the VMNet8.



In the past, the Host and Guests ran without problems with the following configuration:

The following configuration has been used by me starting with VM Workstation 6 thru the start of Workstation 15, then things started getting bad.


All Guest OS’s setup with 2 NIC’s, First NIC is NAT for link to the Host for Rockwell Activations, Second NIC has choice of VMNet0 (Bridged to wi-fi) or VMNet1 (Bridged to Hardwire Ethernet 1).


Guest OS Starts, RSLogix is started and via. the First NIC (VMNet8), checks for valid activation served from the Host. After validation, the RSLogix software connects to the PLC via. the Second NIC (VMNet1 most of the time). Programming would be done and all was right with the world.


Current Problems:

  1. Guest stopped seeing (No Ping) the VMNet8 NIC without being logged on to works Domain.

“This is still ongoing”

  1. Guest stopped seeing (No Ping) the VMNet8 NIC without being logged on to works Domain AND now it REQUIRES being connected to the Docking Station. The Docking Station Requirement was eliminated by Disabling Microsoft Windows Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adaptors #2 & #3, Adaptor #1 was not disabled, now I no longer need to be connected to the Dock.
  2. This one is very strange… When any of the Host Hardwire NIC’s get plugged in or the wi-fi turned off, VMNet8 can no longer be seen or pinged at all, connected to the Domain or not… This effectively kills any and all Activations from the FactoryTalk Server on the Host.


My major problem is currently #3 although #1 needs fixed as well.


I have searched and tried many things for just over a year now. I have been limping along with this because I have had a heavy work load since just before all this started.


Any viable help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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