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What do you guys use for HA/LB? We are in the implementation/design phase and I think instead of spending 20k on a Kemp or F5, we can probably get away with using NLB in Server 2016. I am a network engineer by trade, so I do not have a ton of xp with virtual load balancers and stuff. Any recommendations? Would probably have 300-350 peak VDI sessions.

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  1. The latest UAGs have the option to use a built-in load balancer for that initial connection request. Then after that the HZN client talks directly to the assigned UAG external IP. Upside… No need for LB. Downside.. each UAG needs a public IP and another one for the cluster IP.

  2. We use Kemps (edu environment). Uptime is going on 2 years (not my choice, firmware update is on the list now) and have never had any issues. I can’t compare to others but they have been good.

  3. I’d go virtual F5 personally, you aren’t going up be pushing much traffic at the end of the day for even a thousand vdi sessions. Kemp are base bottom cheap and you’ll find out why when you call up their support.

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  5. If you have any Linux experience whatsoever Haproxy is open source and super simple to setup. I see you’re a fellow Louisianian I’d be glad to show in person or remotely a Haproxy example setup. Or heck, just meet and greet.

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