“Hardcode” a FQDN in vsphere environment?

Hi all,

I have a situation where essentially, for one of our monitoring tools to work, we have to hardcode in the hosts file of the guest OS, a FQDN.

I was wondering, is it possible to make an option somewhere in Vsphere options where every VM is given this FQDN by default, so we don’t have to add it to each VM by default?

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  1. This doesn’t tell you the specific mechanics of it but you can definitely automate this with ansible, if you build your templates with WinRM enabled you could deploy templates with vmware_guest and then build and copy a host file to your vms with win_copy after the vm is built. I don’t know if you have any experience with it, but i’m only recently getting into ansible and it’s a lot less intimidating than it appears on the surface.




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