Has anybody had success on setting up vCenter HA where the nodes are on separate subnets?

I am using VMware vCenter Server Appliance 7.0 and when I try to deploy VCHA I get the error:

> The management interface (NIC0) IP address does not map to the vCenter Server PNID.

This happens if vCenter creates the Passive/Witness nodes automatically or manually. I have followed this kb article:


(Annoyingly has not been updated for 7.0.x so there is some guesswork in interpreting the directions.)

I have created with and without the routes. (In my mind the routes don’t make any sense for my setup as the the VCHA network is L2 and the management interfaces, which *are* on a different L3 subnets, work based on the default gateway.) In any case I have tested communication between all nodes before trying to complete the VCHA deploy process when manually deploying the nodes.

The only oddity compared to most deploying is that this environment does not have a DNS server. Everything has been set using IP addresses. However I don’t think this violates any of the requirements. We meet all requirements for a VCHA network that I can see.

As usual VMware is taking their sweet time to respond with something meaningful.

Any help would be appreciated.

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