Has latest MacOS Mojave Update (10.14.6) killed VMWare Fusion 8.5.8?

Everything worked fine until yesterday and the security update. Now both virtualizations of Windows and Mac inside VMWare die half a minute after startup and after a few seconds whole host (Mac OS Mojave) freezes requiring a hard restart.

Edit – I have Fusion 11 because of Catalina. Installing that on this Mojave MacBook solved the problem, both Mac & Windows emulations work fine.

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  1. Found this on [2020-002 Update Causes Some Macs to Freeze When Using HW Accelerated Video](https://mrmacintosh.com/2020-002-update-causes-some-macs-to-freeze-when-using-video-conf-apps/)

    > This is the Hardware that we think is affected so far.

    > 2015 MacBook Air

    > 2017 MacBook Air

    > 2015 12″ MacBook

    > 2015 13″ MacBook Pro

    > 2015 21.5″ iMac

    > Software that can cause the Freezing Issue

    > …

    > VMWare Fusion

    > AnyDesk

    > ScreenConnect

    Great! In a way, this broke one of my Macs 🙁

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