Help Me Understand Vsphere Resource Calulations – Is Hyperthreading even useful?

So, looking at the algorithm for the CPU resource calculation, it’s # of physical cores * processor speed. So, even though you have hyper threading, you only count the physical cores of the processor. Does this mean that hyper threading has no real benefit other than being able to assign more virtual cores?

For instance, if I have a home lab with a G4560, it has 4 cores and 3.5 GHz base clock without turbo boost. That = 14 GHz. Then, I have an i7 6700T which has 4 cores, hyper threading, 2.80 base clock and a 3.6 turbo clock, which is 11.2 GHz. Does this mean that technically, by base calculations, the G4560 is a better processor?

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