Help: USB 3.0-C devices won’t connect to WIN 10 VM on fusion (macOS host)


New to the community and seeking support, so my apologies if this is not the best place to post.

I recently had to re-install my VM after having upgraded my MacBook Air (late 2014) to a MacBook Pro (2019 4xThunderbold). I’m on the latest build of Fusion 11.

Anyway, when I try plugging in two different brands of external HDs (one being SSD) via a dongle (USB 2 –> USB 3-C), they are barely recognized by the VM and prompt with 1-2 errors upon plugging in. I cannot figure out how to resolve this. Any thoughts?

Here are the errors (**attached as pictures**). *N.b.: 1 is formatted for both Mac and PC, and when I chose Mac as the host, both show up…but choosing PC, I just get the error(s).*

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