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Relatively new to this. Im looking to get VCenter Server working in order to run ESXi. Due to PC issues im trying to find a suitable way to run a VM with gpu passthrough in order to play specific games. After downloading VCenter Server we cant seem to get access to the Web Client. I have no answer for the host name at the beginning of installing and any guides dont really suggest what I am missing, should I have done something prior to this? It seems everything points to the Webclient but without even being able to install to get access to it, really unsure what the solution is.


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  1. First off you should get a Laptop or a second PC which you can use.

    Then you install ESXi on your PC which you mentioned and create DNS-Records with a FQDN for your vCenter Appliance so that the setup can resolve the FQDN.

    Once your ESXi is running and DNS Resolution works, mount the VCSA ISO and start the Setup. After both Steps of the vCenter Appliance are done you can login to the Webclient, altough you might need to wait for 5-10 minute untill the Webclient is fully running.


    GPU Passtrough is no Problem, altough with nvidia GPUs you have to go into the advanced configuration of the VM and make additional changes. AMD GPUs are running without modification of the VM.


    Also you don’t even need the vCenter if your only goal is ESXi with a Passtrough VM, as ESXi 6.7 U3 allows you to reserve the VM-Memory trough the ESXi-Webclient.


    Also you might wanna checkout r/VFIO especially for gaming within a VM.

  2. You need to setup the esxi host prior to installing vcenter. Are you setting up a host for gaming? I wouldn’t bother with vcenter unless you have multiple hosts.

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