Help with Layer 2 Bridge NSX-V 6.4 and vSphere 6.7.0

Okay, I’m having a strange issue and my Network Team isn’t easy to access with COVID-19 restrictions at the work place – so I’m turing here for a little help.

I deployed a DLR as a Bridge. It has a HA Interface on a Logical Switch but nothing else. I created a Logical Switch and on the bridging tab I added the logical switch and the VLAN backed Port Group on the same DVS. The VMKernal for my VTEP’s is also on this same DVS. I move an exsisting VM from the Port Group to the Logical Switch in vCenter. I secussfuly pinged the gateway and I connected via SSH from my desktop workstation to the Virtual Machine. I moved a few other VM’s over from the Port Group to the Logical Switch, but some of them became unreachable. From the first VM that I was SSHed into I could ping them, but not from my desktop.

After some investagating I was able to determin that the VM’s on the same ESXi host as the DLR can access the physcial network as expected, but VM’s on other host cannot. VM’s on the same Logical Switch can access each other, reguardless of which host they reside on.

Troubleshooting efforts so, I’ve confirmed I can ping my VTEPS from each host using ping ++networkstack=vxlan command. I’ve checked the VXLAN status in the NSX Manager (note, this is a secondary manager). I’m confirmed JUMBO Frames, I’ve confirmed the port group and the VXLAN configurations match. I’ve confirmed security policy matches. I’m not seeing any errors. The DLR router firewall and the NSX Firewall are correct. I’ve moved the DLR to different host and I have the same results.

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