Help with VUM and insecure connections –

So Ive tried googling the issue and I’m not sure if my google fu sucks right now or if I’m trying to do something dumb.

My VUM is saying it cant connect to any download servers. Logging directly into the VCSA and running curl <vmware xml file URL listed in VUM> -k it returns the XML. Removing the -k shoots out a “(60) SSL Certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate.”

Is there anyway to allow VUM to ignore the insecure connection and download anyways? The certificate error I believe is a side effect of how we have to route traffic to the internet. All my windows machines I have using that specific gateway get certificate errors for every site they go to as well.

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  1. This sounds like you’re using some sort of Web Proxy that does SSL interception.
    Get an exception for your vCenter in that proxy and see if it works.

    Too many people just start using their fancy unified thread management stuff for whole networks without any knowledge of the consequences (no offense, but this is the cause of issues more often than not).

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