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I have a home lab vCenter server appliance that hangs on “processing request…” when logging in from Chrome (or any browser).

VCSA Version 6.7 U1 (recently upgraded to U2 but problem existed in U1 as well)

It will hang on processing request indefinitely.

If I refresh the page, one of two things happens:

1) a message about an “invalid login token” flashes across the top of the page briefly, and I’m then able to log in normally after retyping credentials.

2) The Web UI loads normally (login from previous attempt accepted)

Any ideas?

Current versions (old versions had same issue):
VC = 6.7 U2C (previous version 6.7 U1)
ESXi = 6.7 U2 (1906002) (previously 6.7 U1)

Happy to answer any questions about my setup.

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  1. Off the top of my head:

    Try clearing your browser cache. This usually fixes weird problems with vCSA for me… especially after upgrades.

    The vCSA takes something like 10 minutes to fully boot. Are you waiting long enough before you try to log in?

    Is DNS healthy (forward and reverse records exist and resolve for your vCSA)?

    I assume that your vCSA is running on top of your ESXi host. Everything healthy there? Storage is healthy and responsive? Did you maybe overallocate CPU resources to your vCSA (ESXi needs some spare CPU/memory to be able to run itself)?

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