Horizon 6 – RDSH farm

We have some legacy apps that, for one reason or another, can’t be moved from their Horizon 6 RDSH farm into appvolumes. What happens is as follow >


1. Users connect to H7 VDI using the horizon client or P25 device.

2. From the desktop, they launch the horizon client and log into the Horizon 6 platform to launch an RDSH app.

3. The app opens and it immediately spans 2 monitors and cannot be scaled/re-sized to fit 1 screen.


So in effect, they double-hopping to reach the app, which is the only method available until we can migrate the apps. However, this basically makes the desktop unworkable because you can’t work side -by-side.


If the RDSH apps are launched from a single-hop (i.e. from a laptop) – the session window scales correctly and the app appears seamlessly on the desktop (with no RDP window/bezel).


I’ve tried the following to fix this:

1. GPO to limit the maximum number of monitors to use in RDSHConnections to 1 (in policy: Computer ConfiPoliciesAdministrative TemplatesSystemGroup PolicyWindows ComponentsRemote Desktop ServicesRemote Desktop Sessions HostRemote Session Environment)


2. Set the Horizon client to ‘Display scaling’ enabled (this is enabled by default)


Neither has worked. The issue is isolated to launching a horizon session within a session, specifically with an RDSH app in Horizon 6.


Any other suggestions?!

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