Horizon Admin problem

Our 2 connection and 1 composer servers got rebooted simultaneously for windows updates and when we tried to create, recompose vms they would go through the whole process but be “(missing)” at the end and unusable. VMWare checked the ADAM database and the MOIDs were matching on units so they had me take them down then reboot vsphere then follow the correct boot order to try and fix. Unfortunately, now when I try to delete, create, or recompose it does not do anything in just sits on the initial task like it can not communicate with vsphere. Any help would be amazing. Our production isn’t down as the current units are functional but we are screwed if we have to recompose or build new for a dept. We have about 500 vms and 6 pools.

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  1. Check the View Admin dashboard. See what’s red. Review the configuration of your servers — especially vCenter. See if any have certs that need to be accepted.

    Double-check to make sure your pools are enabled and provisioning is also enabled.

    That’s the easy stuff. Start with that first.

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