Horizon agent error – in pairing

Couple weeks ago, I migrated a vdi to another cluster which was on a different subnet. I removed it and re-add it to the horizon pool. I could never get it to work, agent kept showing error and in pairing. I was able to ping the connection server and resolve the dns without any issues. I even migrated back to original cluster and original subnet. Name or MAC address never changed. I gave up and rebuilt that one because after uninstalling the VMware agent, I was never able to reinstall it back. The installer kept failing to start blast service.

Couple weeks later now same issue. This one I recovered from VMware replication and turned it on in another cluster, same subnet, ip and mac. I have 2 locations with vdis, each has a connection server (one is replica), separate clusters, but these are linked vCenters.
I’m replicating the vms to the other locations basically, from location A to B and from B to A, that way I can recover the run the vdis at the other location in case one location is down.
The 2 locations have separate pool names so when I recover a vdi to the other location I need to remove it from the existing pool and ad it to the same location pool. So far from the logs im seeing certificate errors such as can’t create self signed certificate because it exists and can’t overwrite. Before recovering i removed the vdi from existing pool and renamed it in vCenter. Now the recovered VM has original name.
It looks like connection server has remnants somewhere that need cleaned up. Possibly ADAM database which I’ll have to look with vdmadmin utility or viewdbchk.
Anyone dealt with similar issues ? Turning off firewall didn’t make a difference and there’s no antivirus. So either duplication issues or the networking within windows is corrupted.

Thanks in advance.

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