Horizon Client change monitors during active session

Hi I’m running 5.4.2 build-15936851 of the client on Windows 10 Pro in a dual monitor set up.

Before connecting to a desktop, you can right click the desktop connection icon and choose setttings, and from here you can manage which monitor(s) that the virtual desktop willl display on.

Once connected however, I can’t seem to find a way to change this beyond disconnecting from the desktop and going back into the settings.

Am I missing something?


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  1. You can change this. You’ll need to go back to the main Client window which is probably in the background minimized.
    Right click on the desktop you are actively using and you should have a Monitor option

  2. nope that’s how it works. you could try using the windows shortcut to move monitors, shift+win+arrow while hovering on the toolbar so it has focus on your local desktop instead of the remote desktop

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