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I can’t uninstall the “VMWare Horizon View Client 64 – version” — on Windows 10


I realized this is beacuse Windows can’t find the MSI file VMware Horizon View Client64.msi

in directory C:UsersxxxxxAppDataLocalTemp{B62BB102-57D8-420A-9403-494D81F09EA6}~setup


I didn’t have that directorty, however I descovered that it’s created temporaryly

during the installation process when I execute VMware-viewclient-x86_64-5.4.0-1219906.exe


So, bacause it’s temporary, I copied the directory to another location


it contains:


– Core.cab

– instmsiw.exe

– ThinPr~1.cab

– TSSO.cab

– USB.cab

– vcredist_x64.exe

– vcredist_x86.exe

– VMware Horizon View Client64.msi


Now, when I try to uninstall VMWare from Windows Settings

Windows don’t find the MSI, but I can “Browse…” for the file

That seems OK, and the uninstallation go on….


BUT, again, the uninstallation process asks me for ANOTHER file

that is not included in the setup dir, the file is: MVDI.cab


I can’t get a way to uninstall this client

please, I need some some guidance

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