Horizon Instant Clone is working – but Windows processes like Adobe, Word, IE, etc. are suspended after trying to launch them.

….but of course Chrome works fine.

Specifically, the normal process starts (no window shows), then a 2nd one with the same name shows up and is Suspended (and can’t be ended by a non-admin). It goes away after you end the original process. UAC Virtualization is Disabled for these processes…not sure if that’s related, but enabling it doesn’t seem to fix or change anything.

Does anyone know the solution to this?

I’m using a pre-made image for my company.

Is the VMWare Optimization Tool required?? I don’t want to modify the image too much – any idea what specific setting(s) I’d need to set/optimize?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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  1. >I’m using a pre-made image for my company.


    >spits< right thar’s yer problem.

    The link below is a good process for creating a template/master image. I know you have an image already, but working through the process at least on paper should give you a better idea of what works well in VDI. The optimization tool is a handy tool, too, but that document goes into VM options, default/mandatory profiles, etc.


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