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Hi All


I’m hoping you may be able to assist in resolving an Horizon issue/query that I’m having.


Currently we have three separate domains.


Domain A, VLAN 10

Domain B, VLAN 20

Domain C, VLAN 30


All three domains are Microsoft active directory domains with no domain trusts between each other.


The VMware infrastructure (VCSA, Hosts and Horizon) have been joined to Domain A, running their own virtual machines.  Domain B and C have their own VLANs on the Domain A infrastructure.


All domains are connected by the same firewall handling routing between them.


Currently we provide Horizon RDS desktops to all three domains by having the VCSA and Composer on Domain A and then provide two Connection servers joined to each domain (A, B and C) and configured to connect to the VCSA and Composer on Domain A.


This works without issue and desktops provision correctly by manging horizon from the relevant connection server.


Without configuring any trust between the domains (As we have Admin Credentials in each and the domains are routable) is there a way to migrate the connection servers from domains B and C to Domain A and use tagging on the pools to use a specific connection server to still provide desktops to each domain? In an attempt to consolidate them


The composer has all three domains configured with individual credentials, however during the RDS farm creation on the guest customisation screen if I select the other domains and then browse the AD Object window to choose the correct OU it just displays invalid error.


Any help appreciated.


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