Horizon – Multiple Users on Same Desktop

I have had this VDI system dumped on my lap and I am trying to do a lot of self teaching and maintain this thing.

We have a VMWare Horizon setup with automatic clones for all of the users to get personal desktops and it works like a champ.

There is one resource though that multiple people need to log on to and resume whatever the previous person was doing. This happens to be a SolidWorks VM specifically. I tried just assigning it a desktop pool and just selecting all the authorized users but they are unable to log on to it.

Is there some other way I should be tackling this problem?

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  1. Think of VDI as a 1:1 user to VM mapping. Any VM that is assigned to a pool can be thought of a desktop that is only accessed by one user. It sounds like if you want this solidworks VM to be accessed by multiple people, this will have to be a stand along server with terminal services (remote desktop) licenses on it so more than 2 people at a time can use it.

    Regarding the part you mentioned about resuming the work the previous person was doing, this sounds like a bad practice. You could do this with a single function account (local or domain) but I would try to understand more about what they’re trying to accomplish and give a new solution. But I understand you have a lot dumped on you. Good luck.

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