Horizon Profiles w/OneDrive + OneDrive Issues

Finishing up our Horizons Deployment, how does everyone handle Profiles? I wanted to force them into a non-persistent state where the machine doesn’t keep them. But I have a feeling, we will be required to make them like physical desktops (where the profiles stay). We only have Horizons Advanced. I was looking at using Persona Manager, but it sees that went EOL and is no longer being recommend?

None of users have home folders (so we cannot redirect the profile into their home folder) anymore, we migrated them all to OneDrive. But anytime i install OneDrive as a machine installer and test it out, my Linked Clones Fail during compositon and its a very generic Windows Error Install Message. Like “Windows Installation cannot continue, please restart to retry”. As soon as i recompose back to my working image, its fine and works. I’ve ruled it down to OneDrive somehow making it fail, just not sure. Not sure if anyone else has come accross that either?

Just wondering how everyone handles their Horizon User Profiles


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  1. For the best experience (for both the admin as the end user) go with FSlogix. It will save you the hassle of defining everything as with Dynamic Environment Manager and it’s blazingly fast.

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